How I Dress Downtown

I wish I was in New York for Fashion Week, does anyone else feel like same? Instead I'm working so hard on my dissertation. Sometimes we get so wrapped into what we need to be doing now or our next move- we often forget that we are humans living a "robotic"life. It's only natural to feel this way however uber important to do something that makes you feel better, even if it's for a few minutes. Take some time out, get dressed up and go downtown. This is something that I would do religiously during undergrad. Grad school not so much.

Living in the fashion capitol of the world in inspired me to outshine my past. Wear the HOT PINK GUCCI pumps, just do it! I was exposed to the luxurious brands from that beautiful boot shaped country that I'm so lucky to call my second home! I must admit, I'm a sucker for heels and bags, they seriously upscale any outfit. I sometimes opt out of wearing heels with skinny jeans as they sometimes look odd( especially if you're 5 ft.) Now that I'm older I don't like that I look so young, I will even wear bright pumps to feel older.

What is your go-to outfit when transitioning from Summer to Fall?

                                                            BCBGMAXAZRIA top 
                                                            Joes Distressed Denim
                                          Gucci ( no longer available) Similar- Manolo Blahnik
                                                                  Chanel Quilted

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