Mai New Baby

I have been wanting a pair of YSL Wyatt for quite some time now. Last year I purchased a black crocodile pair however felt the black is not me. This was quite a loud color but I felt it was appropriate for the journey I was going to embark. I felt like I fit into Italy with these new shoes. I was ready to take on the new challenges that were going to pop up. My Afghan roots and American upbringing constantly allow me to play around with fashion. I am not afraid to mix colors and textures as it allows me to express myself. 

I've never worn an ankle boot before ( surprising, right?) but now I know that they can really amp up any look you're going for. Pair ankle shoes with jeans, shorts, dresses or skirts to bring your chic look together. Sometimes breaking new shoes in can be a bit rough on your feet, if you happen to have this issue wear a pair of gym socks to speed up the process breaking the shoes in. 


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