Moving to Italy

 I found this bag in a little shop near the Leaning Tower, I absolutely adore the color and the texture of the leather. If you're looking for quality leather Italy is your place! I'm so happy I waited until I came here to purchase a leather bag. There are so many little shops that sell the same products so you will easily be able to find the piece that is just for you!

Hi Bellas,

I know it has been a while however I wanted to take some time out to share a quick little update, I've moved to Italy for Graduate School. This move has taught me so much about myself and what I want out of my lif . I have gained a different perspective on life and what the true meaning of happiness is. I can't express how grateful I am for this experience. By no means has this been an easy transition, life throws challenges at us every single day but that is no reason to give up. We all go through ups and downs, feel lost at times and deal with our own insecurities on a day to day basis. Trust me you are not alone, everyone faces the same issues. I always wondered how some make it look so easy, after reflecting I came to realise that looks can be so deceiving. I'll give you an example, when friends and family learned that I am making this move the automatic response was " Wow, she is so lucky." Is it really luck? Or something we just have to go through? I don't think anyone really knows that I walk in a rush 6-10 miles daily carrying heavy bags, sit in class from 9-5, study, focus, cook, clean, keep in touch with loved ones. Nothing in life is easy, I put myself in this situation to earn an education in an International MBA program to better the quality of my life. Education is very important as it's the blueprint of your future.

Coming from California there are so many differences I have adapted to. A big change is that you walk, bus or train everywhere. Another big change is that English is very limited here so my iHandy translator app has become my best friend in Italy. Italian is very similar to Spanish, the 5 years of Spanish I was enrolled in throughout grade school has benefited me.

The fashion here in Italy is so different than California, I now know the true meaning of street wear. Women mix their slacks with sneakers- something you never see in California. The reason being that walking is a common means of transportation making it impossible to wear heels while running around the town taking on the day. Sneakers have become my new go-to shoe, Goodbye heels!

Leather Bag from Italy 


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