St. John

Cinnamon Bay


I made my way to St. John the second day in the Virgin Islands, only a 15 minute boat ride. The vibe was totally different- the pace was much slower, I guess it equates to the suburbs in California. The scenery was beyond beautiful with its clear skies and perfectly shaped clouds, picture perfect to say the least.

I'm wearing a darling striped dress- Luckily, I am very comfortable in wearing off the shoulder everything so I take full advantage :)  This dress is at a length that you can wear with wide leg denim, making it a total bohemian look. In fact the next time I wear this dress you will see me wearing denim under with a top knot bun, stay tuned.  How fun are my sandals? These tie up sandals are so pretty- always putting me in a chipper mood. I'm honestly bummed out the weather is getting cold because I am unable to wear these. I'm highly anticipating Spring/Summer 2017 for many reasons and my pom pom tie up sandals are one of those reasons. 

I had a beautiful dinner at Vista Mare- The space was all open with views of the different islands, it all felt so right. I was the calmest I have ever been in the clearest state of mind. My goal is to live somewhere where I can have views similar to the ones I experienced on this trip of mine. 

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