LBD & Chokers

You all know I die for this YSL cross body of mine!
A hair flip picture is a necessity!

What a year it's been so far, I'm now back at my happy place- blogging! I am infatuated with chokers- I even wear them to sleep, shhhhh. This one I'm wearing in particular is gifted to me from Afghanistan. I have been gifted most of my jewelry which is so nice because I have a story for each and every piece. Also, being surrounded by generous people is always a plus! The turquoise stone has such a rich color and goes great with everything. The only downside is that it ties with a string in the back which is time consuming to take off. I always have to bug a friend or family member to help me take it off.

My LBD is so fun, I love the bib texture and the tassels. The front is a slight bit too open for my comfort. I was able to tie the knot tight so that I don't show too much cleavage. 

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