Fringe, Booties and Chokers

In the cold I usually live in leather and waxed pants to keep me warm, they are so cool! 

Hi Loves, sorry it's been a while! Lately I have been obsessed with my fringe, lace ups and chokers! A perfect combo for anyone to rock. Fringe is so fun to play around with and adds the extra element to your outfit, remember to not over-do it. I remember when I was in high school I had Minnetonka boots- it's so interesting seeing how trends come and go.

 My Balenciaga booties are my favorite shoes right now- I seriously love them. Hands down the most comfortable pair of booties ever. I love the whole utilitarian vibe it gives off. Also I'm sure most of you contemplate in between leather or suede just like myself- first world problems. I knew I was mainly going to wear these during the cold and you all know how I love to mix textures, so this decision was a no brainer!

Lastly, I am so in love with chokers- there is such a badass factor that comes with it. Until next time tootles love bugs!



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