Shredded Denim Shorts

Summer equals shorts and this summer is no exception. Distressed shorts just feel right especially in this heat. Actually anything distressed is a must have nowadays, wouldn't you agree? I would wear shorts more often but it's not that warm here. Well, maybe it depends on who you ask. I prefer it to be 100 degrees and sunny every day. Shorts are so easy to wear- you could pair any sort of top with shorts. I have worn these many times with sneakers, espadrilles and heels- it's just that versatile.

Speaking of heels, I love these Aquazzura's but I just can't decide if I like the higher heel. They come in a suede, leather and combo and to be honest I prefer the suede as it seems to fit me better. I thought I would love the leather heels but they just don't seem to work that well for me. If any of you are in the market for Aquazzura's I would recommend buying the suede or combo of suede and leather.

Lately I find myself wearing relaxed collared shirts very often, I can almost wear them everyday. It's just a very simple and clean piece. Sometimes I find myself tucking it into my bottom for a part of the day and then wearing it loose for the rest. I have a few from HM, Zara, Nordstrom and Asos. You can literately find them anywhere, Target has some great quality ones too!

Chanel Boy
Barneys New York necklaces 

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