Art Is Everywhere

New Mexico has so many beautiful wall paintings, I am not used to this at all. On every corner there is some sort of art exposed, I love it. I have visited many art galleries, pueblos and museums during my visit here in New Mexico than I have in my entire life. This is a different side of travel that I'm not used to. I tend to just go shopping when I go on vacation ( super lame, I know).

I wore a very festive sweater I've had for many years from Zara. Anything that has paisley, embroidery or ethnic prints I must have, no if, ands or buts. This sweater reminds me of traditional Afghan clothes with the add on coins, fringe and multicolors incorporated in the sweater

When my day consists of walking a lot , I steer away from heels, because I am not that great walking for hours and hours on 4 inch heels. My go-to shoe is of course my espadrilles. I have definitely gotten my moneys worth with my Chanel espadrilles! It makes splurging worth while when you actively use the product umpteen times.

Joes denim (here and here)
Zara sweater (old) 
Chanel espadrilles

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