This past week I attended Shine, which is a Passion Celebration. Shine was hosted by  The Passion Co. founded by Jessica Semaan to help you find your passion, pretty self explanatory right? Well, not for everyone.  I didn't know quite what to expect from this event, but from attending it was evident that we all restrain our minds and creativity to follow "norms" that doesn't satisfy us in any way shape or form. Many people choose a career that will pay the most, or in my case( almost) follow in their siblings footsteps. The Passion Co. helps you break down the barriers you have set for yourself.

This Shine event focused on self love and passion. The ambiance was really chic with different stations for you to visit, success stories and champagne. It was a great evening full of inspiration,  passion, love and success! Walking in I was told to write my name on a notecard along with something I love about myself, from there I went straight to the vows station, I think you all know what I did there. I vowed to always encourage individuality, to always honor my dreams and to never give up on myself for always.

After my vows, I went straight to the alter to make it official. Reflecting on my vows makes me realize that society tells me otherwise. Sometimes it's easier to be someone else than to be myself. There is a fine line between my dreams and reality. Giving up on myself is easier than believing in myself at times. These thoughts are something that we all have in common, we all have self doubt that keeps us from pursuing our passion.

I spoke to some very intelligent people at Shine, I asked why they attended this event. Star responded with "It's very interesting, we all have something in common here. We are too busy that we forget and don't bring our passion to life."

Becca shared her success story at Shine, afterwards I had a chance to speak with her for a few moments. I asked her the same question and she said " I attended the Shine event in Fall, and served cookies. I was baking for a while and became inspired."

If you'd like to learn more about The Passion Co. contact Jessica to join the Passion Project!

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