oversized cardi x rainboots

This year more than ever I have had a very difficult time with the weather. I am convinced that this is occurring because I am aging( the older you get, the more problems). California has better weather conditions in comparison to the other states, however it's still feels very extreme to me. It's come to the point that I avoid going outside by all means, which became boring real quick. I came to realize that, perhaps I am not wearing the proper fabric! Ding, Ding, Ding! I went out and bought thermals in many colors to help me cope with the cold. So far, these thermals have been a "game changer" and nothing compared to what I remember them as growing up. The new advancements in the technology used to create thermals have an insulation system that traps heat, which is why something so thin can keep you warmer than perhaps a fleece or wool.

As I was walking to my internship, I noticed a lot of eyes on me. It wasn't until later on in the day that  I realized that I was wearing my extreme distressed denim on a very chilly day, some air to the knees can't be too bad for you, right? I honestly didn't even realize the cold coming from the holes because of how warm I was from the top. The cardigan I am wearing is  baby doll pink & super soft. I have never been a big fan of  the traditional cardigans, but I have no problem with an oversized and/or unique cardigan.

Rainboots are very convenient to wear in the rain, it eliminates wet socks ( ew!) and the soles of your shoe to ruin. Now let's talk about my belt... thank you Soraia and Ali for bringing me this very generous gift from New York. I get so excited when my sisters plan trips because they can have some R&R, plus I will get a great gift! I have wanted an Hermés belt for a while now because H is the first letter of my name, technically speaking. My name is Humaira in Farsi and Arabic, but my father decided to change the spelling to Omaira to avoid me getting teased in school. I am a little confused as to how to spell my name, so I switch it up. Sometimes I go by Omaira, Humaira or Mai. Hermés does make it appealing to go by Humaira. 

Top: HM knit cardigan (here) & pink thermal, Bottom: Stylenanda ( worn in distressed denim post)
Shoes Burberry (old) - similar: (here)
Accessories Necklace: Tasbih, Belt: Hermés  

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