Skirt Me!


A little skirt action for the holiday season is a must! I am wearing a pencil skirt with an unexpected thigh high slit. It is absolutely reviving to see how much of an impact clothing can make when it comes to your age. For instance, when I wore this chic pencil skirt I felt and look 23. Now if I were to wear a skater skirt, no matter how I would pair it, style my hair, or apply my makeup I would look as though I am in my teen years. This makes me want to wear sophisticated clothing on the regular so that I will look my age. Longer hemlines portray a mature image that should be exemplified by powerful women. Mini skirts, dresses, and short shorts are fun to wear , don’t get me wrong.  Nonetheless, you should not feel that the more skin you reveal the more you would feel like a woman.

I paired a dark demin button down with this skirt because I wanted to informalize my formal skirt. Accomplishing this is quite easy. All you need to do is think about a garment that is your go-to. The combo then generates a great balance of formal and informal. This is great when your family dresses more casual and you don’t want to feel like an outlier. I have taught myself to create harmony when it comes to family gatherings because of this reason.  I do not acclimate to dress casual, however, I do tone it down a few notches while being true to my own aesthetic.

Pencil skirts elongate your whole body(this is ALWAYS a plus).  You don’t necessarily need to wear heels with them either. Another great option is to wear a chic flat (here) and a chunky knit sweater.  I hyperlinked the Manolo Blahnik jeweled flat because I am absolutely obsessed with my next chic splurge! Carrie Bradshaw makes me fall in love with these shoes every time I watch    my favorite movie  “Sex and the City.”  Now back to tops to wear with pencil skirts; A crop top is also great because it defines your arms, shoulders and waist. A turtleneck is also very appropriate during this time of year.  Honestly, there are endless options you can choose to pair with a pencil skirt, just remember to stay true to you!

Body: Top: Uniqlo Denim long sleeve(here), Bottom: Zara Tube skirt with Slit and Piping (here)
Shoes: Fendista (here)
Accessories: Necklace: Gold plated Farsi (here) and Emerald from Afghanistan, Ring: Bvlgari (here),
Watch: Cartier 

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