A little Summer in Fall

California doesn't seem to want to let go of summer,  with 80 degree days in October, I am extremely happy! I love love love the warm weather, in fact 90 degrees and above is ideal for me. Luckily, I can still wear my dresses in Fall due to wonderful weather conditions. Although, there are times I do crave a raw Fall. A crisp breeze with leaves trickling down as you wear you fall boot and coat does sound appealing at times.

This dress I am wearing today is from H&M. I love the detailed lace and risen hem line along the sides of my dress. It's a nice intricate detail to a delicate fabric. Lace can be tricky because more times than not, it has a tendency to look cheap. The accessories paired with lace do play a huge role in this matter. I would say simplify as much as you can when you wear lace. Rock a natural glamorous overall look by toning down your hair and makeup. The more natural you look the better. That is how I tend to keep my hair and makeup because I am firm believer that less is more, don't you agree? There are some times where you want a little more depth, so I recommend adding some color either to your lip or eyeliner.

Colorful accessories are my favorite investment! They are so fun to wear and mix with different prints and patterns. I wore my pink Rockstud heels with this pretty little lace dress to make this look ultra feminine. Today I felt like a girly girl and I loved it! I dress according to my mood that tends to  vary daily. The necklace I am wearing I ordered from Etsy, its spells out Mahmood in Farsi. This is my new favorite piece of jewelry because it spells my fathers name. I am currently learning how to read and write Farsi, which is the main reason I wanted a necklace in Farsi. A monogram necklace is  a great piece of jewelry to have in a preferred language. 

Dress: H&M (here)
ShoesValentino Rockstud (here)
AccessoriesNecklace: Gold plated Farsi (here),  Handbag: Celine (here), Ring: Bvlgari (here)

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