Uptown Girl

Living in the Bay Area is so much fun because I can dress up any way I want, it is such a diverse place that everyone can dress and present themselves in so many different ways. Walking down Powell you will see so many different looks, there are people wearing evening dresses with pumps to people wearing shorts with combat boots. I appreciate everyones individual sense of style and it is fun analyzing what they wear. I decided to wear a skirt that I bought on FNO and go for a city girl on the go look. I wore a top that is long enough to wear with leggings and can also be tucked into a skirt, which is key when you are shopping, find items that can be worn many different ways.  The belt I wore completed the outfit and the hat gave it a touch of a modern city chic look. Adriel called me an uptown girl which I think best suits the look I was going for. 

Body: Top: ZARA Cape T (here), Bottom: HM Patterned Skirt (here
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Bianca (here)
Accessories: Clutch: Lola (no longer available) - similar: Topshop Snake Frame Bag (here), Bracelet: BCBG Hardware (no longer available) - similar: BCBG Faux- Leather Bangle (here), Ring: BCBG (no longer available) - similar: BCBG Filigree Dome (here), Belt: BCBG Studded Waist (here), Hat: BCBG Floppy Felted Hat (here)



  1. LOVE this outfit! Simple but so much statement with the skirt and hat.